Arabica Peaberry Filter Coffee Powder | Premium | 200 gms

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We present to you Kallucoppa Arabica Peaberry Coffee Powder. Only 5% of the Coffee cherries from the plant are of the peaberry category making it that precious and unique. The coffee imparts bright acidity, sweetness and deliciously lingering floral aftertaste.

This is sourced from the finest coffee beans, which are roasted and ground to perfection. We simply use the handpicked peaberry coffee beans to produce a rich cup of coffee with unmatched flavour.

Normally coffee beans grow two to a cherry, flat against each other but in about five percent of the worlds coffee a bean is found to be solo that’s Peaberry. Peaberry is the best grade in pure Arabica coffee. This Coffee is MEDIUM ROASTED and has a lighter body and has less acidity. The aftertaste of Peaberry Coffee is sweet and fruity and does not last long.

Peaberry coffee is also easier to roast evenly due to its round shape and they usually deliver a lighter, sweeter cup of coffee. Kallucoppa Peaberry is ideal for people who like to brew in a traditional South Indian coffee filter.


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