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Beans from our 350+ Acres of Shade Grown, Single Origin
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A New Generation of Coffee Roasters

Sun-kissed berries. Wind-swept blossoms. Monsoon-fed fruits of our labour. Nurtured with love, we’ve known our plants since they were saplings. With a heritage of about a century, we have the experience and expertise to groom them to make for the finest coffee.

Kallucoppa Coffee is an exclusive Micro-roastery, where we carefully roast and hand craft exquisite coffees just for you.

In tribute to the biodiversity and the bountiful land that is Kodagu, our offerings include other gifts from nature. Beyond coffee to unique teas. Exotic spices that are kissed by the fertile earth. After all, this is the soil of the Kaveri.

We welcome you to take your senses on a journey.



High Quality Coffee Beans

Can be used in commercial setups as well as homes, we have multiple options for everyone.

Speak to us at +91 70190 96834

Message from the Roaster

We thrive in making fine coffee that enrich the taste&soul.

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Litres Honey Produced
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The estate

Bean to Cup

The evolution of better coffee starts
at the source – and our Coffee beans fits that tag. Our single origin – shade grown coffee is sure to take your coffee experience to a new level.

Commercial Orders

Cafes & Events

We do bulk and personalised orders as well. Reach out to us in case you’re looking for the same.

The estate

Tastings & Tours

Get The Bean To Cup Coffee Experience in our Coffee Plantations. Tour the estate and take in the coffee, pepper and cardamom aroma, while we describe the process of planting, plucking, drying, and then eventually roasting and grinding the coffee.

47 reviews on
Rakshitha k
Rakshitha k
Great place for authentic coffee powder☕️.. Rich Taste🤩🤩🤩😋.. Thank you Sir, made our visit happily fruitful & for your special care about our coffee powder☕️☕️
Vineeth Vinni
Vineeth Vinni
Snowni Jain
Snowni Jain
On our way back and suggested by a local, we visited kallucoppa coffe and what an amazing reasonably priced coffee,tea,wines a nd spices stock they have. Very calm and composed people are running this one and we almost emptied out their stock of spices. A must visit place for coffee lovers
Vijay Narasimha
Vijay Narasimha
chethan aiyanna
chethan aiyanna
They have variety of coffee , Tea and other spices powder . Nice place
Dilip Puttichanda
Dilip Puttichanda
Best place for local coffee ☕
junaid 46
junaid 46
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