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The undulating hills of the Western Ghat with its rich soil and lush weather are a blessing for us.

With an elevation of 2500-3000 feet above sea level and about 60 inches of annual rainfall, Kodagu is ideal for coffee. It brings out the best of flavours and is the second largest coffee producing region in India.

Completely shade grown, the coffee agro-forestry systems of Kodagu are one of the richest agroforests in the world. Home to over 100 species of birds, 270 species of trees and innumerable insects, it is a nature lover’s paradise. Other crops such as pepper, cardamom and chillies too thrive in these ecologically rich surroundings.

Our produce is environmental friendly and sustainable while also proving to be a boon to all that is natural. We nurture both popular varieties of coffee in Arabica and Robusta. While Arabica coffees are popular for their flavour, Robusta gives coffee its strength. Only the ripest cherries are harvested, selectively hand picked and then sun-dried to bring out the wholesome flavours.

Our entire staff are committed to the journey of nothing but the freshest and choicest of produce, that bears our name.

Our Expertise

Coffee offers an incredible range of complex aromas and flavours. It truly takes a specialist to understand these subtleties and identify the perfect blends. Through Mr. Robin’s expertise, crafting the perfect blend or hitting the right notes has been our forte.

As Kallucoppa, we specialise in blended and single origin coffees. We blend beans that complement and balance each other and the reason for their popularity is because you get a stable flavour profile throughout. Our single origins are sourced from a single farm, echoing the very profile of the environment it is grown in.

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